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Willow Wisp Philosophy

"Life is a journey and Willow Wisp Wellness is like the traveler's inn you stumble upon at just the right moment on your journey." says owner Lauren Awerdick  "Each body is it's own Universe with it's own ecology.  It is our responsibility (as  individuals) to maintain it's balance, nurture it's growth, & give it unconditional love.  At Willow Wisp  this is a core belief and we do our best to hold a  space of integritiy around that.  Our sessions and services have been crafted to bring each client we have the pleasure and honor of working with to that place/space within where the body begins it's process of healing."
Willow Wisp Wellness & The Sacred Mi Apotekarie have been created in the essence of following your inner light to the people, places, moments, & events that support and nurture you on your journey toward Healing/Re-alignment & Self.  We are constantly expanding our experience, & offerings because we are continually growing too!

The Sacred Mi Apotekarie


The Sacred Mi Apotekarie of Willow Wisp Wellness is the wholy guardian's storehouse of  the essences/medicines that are in alignment with the living light/the one true source, and the sacred sanctuary where the We is honored and welcomed.  It is our honor to co-create, collaborate, and just be with you in the moments we find ourselves in these sacred meetings.

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