Lauren Awerdick

~Apothecary Practioner~

Founder of Willow Wisp Wellness


-Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Massage Therapist

              (licensed & insured)

 -Flower Essences Therapy Practioner

-Advanced Multidisciplinary Energy Healer

-Clairsentient Intuitive Reader

-Young Living Essential Oils Distributor



What is an Apothecary Practioner?

Lauren is an Apothecary Practitioner.  Apothecary is an archaic term for a person who made & sold medicine.  Which leads to… what is medicine?… My experience with that has brought me to the understanding that medicine can be just about anything…a hug, a smile, music or sound, art, dance, walking in nature, essential oils, western medications, herbs, bonfires, laughter, massage, acupuncture, yoga, breath work and meditation, vibrational frequencies/energy medicines, and so on can go the list.  As an Apothecary Practitioner I utilize and combine several modalities, techniques, and holistic "medicines" during sessions to facilitate a space that supports the innate healing, realignment, & growth within each client.  Some of these include massage therapy techniques, energy healing, shamanic healing and journey work, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, hydro-therapy, intuitive reading, music/sound healing and or breath work.  We are "re"defining what an apothecary is and remembering what the true essence and broad scope of  medicine is.  Each session is co-created with you to address where you currently are in your bodies (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), how you are feeling and what you are wanting. 


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