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Lauren Awerdick Green

~Apothecarie Practioner~

Founder of Willow Wisp Wellness &

The Sacred Mi Apothecarie


-Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Massage Therapist  (licensed & insured)

-Woman Rising Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner

-Advanced Multidisciplinary Energy Healer/Re-Alignment Facilitator, Soul Alchemy Practitioner, & Transitional Douala

-Sound Bathing aka Vibrational/ Resonance (Re)Alignment Facilitator/Medicine Woman

-Apothecarie Practitioner & Sacred Self-Care Co-Creatrix

-Clairsentient Intuitive Reader (20+ years)

-alchemical Herbalist & Aromatherapy Practitioner

-Crystal Healer

-Sacred Space Keeper (Meditation, Journeying, Ritual/Ceremony/Circle’s, Classes, Workshops, Teachings, Initiations).


With a childhood steeped in the magic and medicine of plants, nature, elementals, and energetics/vibrations; Lauren has grown in her experience, study, and practice to host a multitude of Wellness and wHOLIstic based modalities that aide the body in it’s natural ability to heal.  "Which in many instances (possibly all) another form or invitation of re-alignment.", says Green  Her philosophy is that: "Each body is it's own Universe with it's own ecology.   The body IS the Temple, The Kingdom, The Universe in micro, a reflection of the Macro.  Within it are Oceans, and rivers, land masses, and living organisms; along with lifetimes of experiences, memories, and wisdom.  How we choose to show up for ALL of OUR-SELF  shifts things; like a current or breeze.  It is our responsibility (as individuals) to maintain it's balance, nurture it's growth, & give it unconditional love.” she goes on to say.   “This a core belief in my practice and I do my best to hold a  space of integrity around it; within every  session, service, product, & offering I put out there.   I "look" to co-craft sessions/experiences with each client I have the pleasure and honor of working with; to invite them into that place/space within where the body begins it's process of healing/re-aligning/re-membering."  In essence we are all on a journey of deeping back to our own frequency of Sovereignty and Alignment with just what is. 

What is an Apothecarie Practioner?

I'm glad you asked....That would be me! (lol). 

And here's a little more on why I chose that term with that particular spelling.  Apothecarie also spelt and known as Apothecary is an archaic term for a person who made & sold medicine.  Which leads to… what is medicine?… My experience with that has brought me to the understanding that medicine can be just about anything…a hug, a smile, music or sound, art, dance, walking in nature, essential oils, western medications, herbs, bonfires, laughter, massage, acupuncture, yoga, breath work and meditation, vibrational frequencies/energy medicines, and so on can go the list. 


So why Apothecarie and furthermore why Sacred Mi Apothecarie?

I have received so many abundant, fruitful, pontent gifts through both my matriarchal and patriarchal lineages.....I am their wildest dreams, wholiest whispers, and the living embodiment of generations upon generations of survival, of thriving, of existence.....and so my practice is named in honor of all those who have come before me and all those who will come after me.

Mi (missing's it's accent above the i...working on fixing that) is the Hungarian word for We.


Apotheca - is the feminine noun of the Latin rooted word meaning storehouse. The word reaches back further in it's roots an across many cultures to: Irish: Potigier, Dutch & Swedish: Apotek, Ancient Greek ἀποθήκη (apothḗkē, “storehouse”) Sanskrit apadha- "concealment," Old Persian apadana- "palace."

Arie- is the plural form of  aria which means... an air or melody.  Upon finding this meaning I came across the meaning in hebrew which means Lion of God.

The Sacred Mi Apothecaria of Willow Wisp Wellness is the wholy guardian's storehouse of  the essences/medicines that are in alignment with the living light/the one true source, and the sacred sanctuary where the We is honored and welcomed.

As an Apothecarie Practitioner I utilize and combine several modalities, techniques, and wholistic "medicines" during sessions to facilitate a space that supports the innate healing, realignment, remembering & growth within each client, each being.  Some of these techniques include: massage therapy, energy work, shamanic healing & journey work, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, hydro-therapy, intuitive readings, music/sound healing and or breath work, saning (aka smuding), water-coding, fire ceremonies, cacao and other herbs, tinctures, teas, etc....  We are "re"aligning and clearly defining what an apotekarie is to us and remembering what the true essence and broad scope of  medicine is rooted in.  Each session is co-created with you to address where you currently are in your bodies (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), how you are feeling and what you are wanting. 

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