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Apothecarie Treatments


Sessions are formatted in an apothecarie style.  There is a 15min intake prior to the start of every session to access where you currently are in your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual) based on this information we co-create a session to meet you where you are and that best suits you’re current wants/needs/goals.


Apothcarie Modalities



-Deep Tissue (Trigger Point /Myofascial Release, NMT, CTT, ART)

-Sports Massage     -Swedish       -Jade Hot Stone    -Pre/post Natal    

-Rain Drop/AroMASSAGE      -Stretching     -KAM      -Elder Massage 

-Vibration      -Tappotment      -Integrative shiatsu     -Abdominal massage 

-Integrative Reflexology      -Integrative Facial & Head massage.


Energy Healing/Vibrational Medicine:

-Flower Essence Therapy       -Aromatherapy     -Chakra Balancing         -Tsubo & Meridian work

-Crystal Point Massage      -Shamanic Healing & Journeying      -Munay Ki Rites      

-Bodywise Meditations      -Breath work     -Polarity therapy       -Sound bathing.


Intuitive Readings

Tarot - Oracle - Music - Chakra's - Wax

Ear Candling


Hydro Therapy: 

-Jade Hot or Cold Stones     -Castor Oil Packs     -Hot/Cold soaks (hands or feet)


Apothecarie Blending Bar & Water Bar

Herbs, Oils, Teas, Essences, Salts, Ceremonial Wares Etc....

For In-home, Couples, Small Group, Bridal, Event, or Corperate packages please contact us directly.

Some Specialty Offerings

Coming Soon!!!

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