The Apothecary

In-Office Pricing

$70/30min                         $140/60min                      $210/90min

(Packages Available )


Sessions are formatted in an apothecary style.  There is a 15min intake prior to the start of every session to access where you currently are in your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual) based on this information we co-create a session to meet you where you are and that best suits you’re current wants/needs/goals.


Apothecary Modalities



-Deep Tissue (Trigger Point /Myofascial Release, NMT, CTT, ART)

-Sports Massage     -Swedish       -Jade Hot Stone    -Pre/post Natal    

-Rain Drop/AroMASSAGE      -Stretching     -KAM      -Elder Massage 

-Vibration      -Tappotment      -Integrative shiatsu     -Abdominal massage 

-Integrative Reflexology      -Integrative Facial & Head massage.


Energy Healing/Vibrational Medicine:

-Flower Essence Therapy       -Aromatherapy     -Chakra Balancing         -Tsubo & Meridian work

-Crystal Point Massage      -Shamanic Healing & Journeying      -Munay Ki Rites      

-Bodywise Meditations      -Breath work     -Polarity therapy       -Sound bathing.


Intuitive Readings

Tarot - Oracle - Music -Chakra's

Ear Candling


Hydro Therapy: 

-Jade Hot or Cold Stones     -Castor Oil Packs     -Hot/Cold soaks (hands or feet)


Herbal, Aromatherapy, Blending Bar & Water Bar



For In-home, Couples, Small Group, Bridal, Event, or Corperate packages please contact us directly.





Some Specialty Offerings

Integrative Therapuetic Massage
-Signature Sessions
-Deep Tissue/Medical Sessions

Natural Rhythm's (standard signature session):  Each body has it's own unique rhythm.  More then just the beating of your heart there is  life within you that moves seamlessly.  Using vibrations, tapotment, swedish, energy & any other necessary techniques; this session works with the natural rhythm, dance, & flow of your body.  Allowing for deep relaxation, healing, and rejueventation.


Relax - Review - Re...(discover) (signature deep tissue):  Throughout the course of our lives we experience many different things.  When our bodies react to our experiences through a twitch, contration, or extension, etc our muscles can lock parts or all of those experiences into our tissue.  This is known as muscle memory.  Using deep tissue techniques (nmt, ctt, friction...), along with stretching, breath work & any other necessary techniques that work with your body to realize, release, & reset the holdings and trigger points within your body to a place of balance.


All signature sessions are designed to meet the unique ecology of each client and match it with the integrative & artistic approach of the therapist.  Each session begins with your goals & intentions and progresses with the use of appropriate techniques and tools and can be customized to you:

-Swedish       -Connective Tissue Therapy    -Myofascial Release  -NMT            -Medical Massage                    -Prenatal Massage 

-Elder Massage  -Aromatherapy                   -Integrative Shiatsu

-Energywork      -Reflexology                         -Hydro-therapy

-Sports Massage  -KAM & Stretching            -And more



Sports Massage

Massage is an important and beneficial preventitive and rehabilitative part of any adult or youth athlete's regimin!   Shorter sessions available upon request as are group/team sessions with special rate packages.  Please contact us to further discuss details.


Pre-event: Sessions are geared toward stimulating and energizing the muscle tissue.


Post -Event: Sessions are geared toward relaxing and rejuvenating the muscle tissue


Off Season/Down time:  These sessions can range in approach from deep tissue work to work through muscle tension and trigger points to a lighter more relax, restore session for the mind, body, spirit to be in balance.


Injuries, Post Op., Strains, Sprains, Spasms, ect:

This sessions take a more hydro-therapy & medical massage based approach toward the effected area and the body as a whole.  

Northern Lights



Inspired by young living's ‘Raindrop Technique’ this is a natural modality that combines the power of ‘Anointing’ with Essential Oils, Lakota energy traditions, and an ancient Tibetan methodology called ‘VitaFlex’ (similar to reflexology), combined with Lauren’s signature intuitive integrative therapeutic massage.  These sessions help to restore alignment and balance to the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, & spiritual bodies.  They have been found to aide in the natural healing process of many conditions that ail the body (ie: scoliosis, depression, immune system issues, circulatory issues, infections, and much much more.)Please touch base for more great information on this Integrative technique.  (*custom aromatherapy sessions also available price to be adjusted according to shortened times)


Please note that none of the above is intended to be medical advice or supplementation.  Please seek professional medical care and advice for any condition, illness, or disease that you are experiencing.

Integrative Reflexology +Plus
The Great Mother's Embrace: A Journey to Motherhood
Prenatal Massage 

These prenatal massage packages are designed in conjunction with your doctors approval, your comfort level as well as your intentions and goals.  Our intention is to hold a space for you to receive & connect with what you need, to be nurtured, and to create ease within you changing body.  Pregnancy is a time like no other in your life, the transitioning and creation of a single life into two ( or more in some cases) we do our best to hold a space for you to make that transition as comfortably as possible for you and your miracle.  

*Package pricing available for term length or customized to suit your needs.

Jade Hot Stone Massage 
$45/area specific or massage add-on

 Jade Hot Stone Massage-  Similar to the regular hot stone session you maybe familiar with these sessions are extremely effective and therapeutic to the body, melting muscle tensions, and relieving aches and pains.  One stroke with a hot stone has an equivalent benefit to the body as 7 strokes by hand!  The added bonus of these stones being Jade come with a long standing history from cultures around the world using these stones to aid in and support healing in the body.  The mineral make up of the stones is what allows them to be so effective.  

Elder Massage
 Available Sessions:
 30/60/75 min

Each session combines techniques to meet your body where it is, to give it care and honor the journey that is your life.  True to our signature session philosophy we design these sessions around your wants, needs, and comfort level.  


We do have experience working with clients with medical concerns.  We take time to discuss your current and past medical history to best understand what approach will be safe, effective, and  enjoyable.  


Currently we providing massage to residents of Atria on Hudson located in Ossining, NY in addition to our in office and homebound private clients.

Blooming Lotus
(Fully Clothed Session)

The Lotus begins its journey pushing up through the mud and muck, rising through the water to rest and bloom on the surface in the light of the sun.  Through range of motion, gentle stretching, Swedish, KAM, Energy & any another necessary techniques this fully clothed massage allows your body to dust off the cobwebs, wring itself out, and shed light and love into all the spaces and places it's needed.  This is where you learn the wisdom of the body and the language of the heart.

Legacy of Light Energy Healing 

These integrative sessions are rooted in Universal Energy, Truth & Love.  They incorporate a multitude of healing traditions & lineages. Your willingness to "do the work" also has a key role in these sessions.  Each session is created for each individual and so not only will the sessions vary person to person but they may vary session to session as well depending on what is being asked for/needed in the moment.





These sessions are designed to work with the reflex zones in the hands and feet to support healing and overall wellness throughout the body.  In combination with that work on the head, face, and neck is also provided to aid in maximum relaxation & rejuvenation of the whole body.

Looking for a session that isn't listed?  Ask us!

We have experience in a variety of modalities as well as with working with clients that have a variety of different reasons/ailments/interestes for coming and receiving massage & energy work.  If there is something we are not familiar with or do not provide, or we're not within a comfortable travel radius. We have a network of trusted colleagues we can refer you to.


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