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Thank You for your patience we are very excited to share what's unfolding.


Willow Wisp offers a variety of readings and workshops. We also hold space for group gatherings in our offices or at a location convinient to you.  Please touch base for scheduling, availability, & group rates.

Intuitive Card Readings:
Single Card Intuitve Choice/$22
3 Card /$33  
Full Spread/$88
Yearly Overview/$132

 intuitive readings with Lauren tend to utilize several different decks (tarot & Oracle), layouts/spreads.  Additionally the use of guided mediation & grounding techniques, sound bathing, breathwork, & and Energywork can all find their way into these session along with whatever else may be needed or called for during the session.  Lauren's style of reading is like an  unfolding of the map that is your current journey.  To look at and understand where you have been, and how that is impacting where you are now.  When that is clear it allows for space to create/follow the path to where you are heading.

Chakra Reading & Balancing Sessions:
7 Main Chakra's: 2.5hr/$225
Single Chakra:

Full Session:

These deeply moving sessions are for those who are ready to stand in their truth and shine. Using a combination of oracle cards and Advanced Multidisciplinary energy techniques we hold space for your chakra system to come into (re)Alignment. This multi-layered session brings forth what you need to receive to promote Innate healing/Remembering within your Self. Please note these session can be intense and often work through the deeper layers.  Post session self-care & integration will be required.   Additional integration session may be needed as well.


Single Chakra Session:
This session follows a similar format and flow as the above session but are shorter and focus on an individual chakra.

Heart Cords:
$88/Full Reading

The session starts a few days before we meet.  Via phone or Video Chat you are given a meditation and a mindful at home project dealing with music.  The day of the reading you will bring in the creation and I will conduct the reading.  This can be a fun addition to a card reading or other service or can be a reading itself.

The Sacred Fool's Journey to the I Am:
A Meditative Journey Through the Major Arcana.

  During this meditative journey we will dive into the lessons and experiences of the Sacred Fool as learned through the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The host Deck will be The Gateway to the Divine by Ciro Marchetti.
  As we move through the cards/lessons it will be at a pace that is comfortable and works with your integration speed. These are 2 part sessions: each session will cover 1-3 cards depending on what is coming through for you. The first session (part 1) Opens the gateway to the lessons and offerings of the card (s), you will also be given home work and will have a minimum of 2 weeks integration time before the 2nd session which will close and cultivate the lessons and experiences of the card(s).


Understanding the Time and Investment:

A commitment of appx. 44hrs is required.

The investment is $2,200 (payment Plans available) 

Please touch base with a letter/note of intent expressing why you are interested in this process, what it means to you, and what you hope to receive from it.  Please send by then next new moon.  If you are accepted for this apprenticeship work you will receive a letter of acceptance by the Full moon. Space for this course is limited as I will only be accepting 13 Sacred Fools at a time per moon entrance.

More to come ....

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