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Fri, Mar 15


Willow Wisp Wellness

Spring Labyrinth Walk

The Spring Equinox Falls on Wednesday March 20th this year. The Vibes in the air are coming together to allow for space and invitation to walk into the alignment of your dreams in physical reality. The labyrinth will be "rolled out" in the yoga studio between 12:00-6:00 pm in this open house style

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Spring Labyrinth Walk
Spring Labyrinth Walk

Time & Location

Mar 15, 2019, 7:00 PM

Willow Wisp Wellness, 109 Croton Avenue, Ossining, NY, USA

About the event

Have you ever done a labyrinth walk before?  In short I find they are sweet subtle potent prayers/meditations in motion.  You can choose how to approach your walk: what your intention is, if there is ritual or practice involved, if you are just there for the experience,...etc.  The walk is yours.  I will have a few different walk outline options should you want one for inspiration available prior to and on that day.

What does that mean..."walking into the alignment of your dream in physical reality"?  

Well lets's get clear on the energetic "realities" of dreams....what does that mean to you?  Because really that is the most important part...Is it not?  From my perspective I believe that anything is possible and at the same time understand, liking baking, dreams made manifest have a unique recipe to them.  What are your dreams?  How many are there?  Are the all part of one bigger dream or are they "separate" unto themselves?  All of this factors in while at the same time it doesn't really matter ( I am not being vague or coded if you spend some time diving into those pieces you will understand exactly what I mean <3 or we can chat about it.)

Spring naturally carries the frequencies of emergence, birthing, waking up, stretching out, coming into a more creative expansive state of play and passion and love.  This year the equinox carries the energetic frequency of 8. In numerology there is much that comes to be connected to this number...the pieces that I want to speak-on or rather highlight in regard to this Spring Equinox and the vibes/energetics in the air have much to do with the keys of Abundance, Power & Authority. When I look at power and authority and the external reflections of our world at large right now and perhaps for a very long time, it looks like very wrap, unbalanced version of power authority and even abundance that has been displayed. When I look at the depth of power and authority I see Empowerment, I see the understanding and knowing of one's self-worth. That worthiness is in the "simple" miracle of being alive. You are worthy of receiving. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of the abundance that has already been laid out for your life. The 8 energetic of this day holds these keys and perhaps then the intention of your walk turns toward the opening to the revelation of these keys, perhaps it stay in the flow of abundance and dancing/walking the reality of your gifts, your dreams, your wishes, your desires, into the physical reality of your life. Or even still the walk could be just about connection to self, to God, to the experience of one foot in front of the other. What it feels like as your heel hits the ground and the mechanics of you ankle joint bringing motion through the base of the foot, how your arches support or fall under the weight of your stride, if/where you ankle catches as you move through, pressing forward into the ball of your foot, how does your pad spread, and your they extend, do they grip,...

The beauty is that the walk is yours and you get to choose.

8 brings with it balance and all the shallows and depths that filter through the prism of balance.

The other piece I am looking at here is has much to do with the overall energetic of the year at large as well. For most of us 2019 is set to be a year of abundance of hitting a stride and breaking new ground within in our lives. Bringing in the above pieces and allowing for a balanced/healthy flow of Empower Self Worth to be the foundational piece upon which abundance can build and flow allows for..well...quite and abundance of shifting to occurs and much of it if not all has the capacity to do so gently and ease-fully.

Lastly I wanted to offer some information as well as what I will have available for you the day of in terms of support pieces. In my practice I truly stand on the philosophy, belief, and knowing that each person's physical body has it's own ecology and universe within. In unison with the energetics of the day and what your intentions are here are some of the tools I have woven together and would like to highlight and share with you.

Flower Essences:

There are several great company's out there. I as a trained Flower Essence Therapist I make many of my own as well as purchase from Gaia's Wisdom and Delta Garden and in truth other practitioners and small companies that resonate with me. Below are a few Essences (and there are M-A-N-Y) that work to support the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and are in alignment with the above mentioned energetics.


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