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2020 Integration/"detox"Session

2020 Integration/"detox"Session


2020 Integration/"Detox"


This year was full of layers and those layers have away of (Yup you guessed it) layering in and on our bodies.  The mental, emotional, physical, and energetic experiences of this year have both “devastated” and “gifted” us.  


These sessions are geared toward working through the layers of layers, cultivating the gifts and wisdom and allowing for integration and (re)alignment.  


The style of massage is and integrative flow technique that also incorporates still holds and EnergyWork.  


We can discuss & decide on the inclusion of crystals, hot stones, incense/smudging, essential oils, flower essences and singing bowls. Your session is co-crafted ahead of time so we have the full 90mins to be in session.


Special Price: $220/90mins

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