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A Sacred Support Prosperity Kit

A Sacred Support Prosperity Kit

Kit Contents:Healing Crystal: Green AventurineOrganic Blend: Chamomile, Holy Basil, Hyssop, & Peppermint.This support kit has a magnetizing and multiplying energy aligned with abundance, prosperity, & wealth that allows for prosperity to flow in and pulse through reviving and dissolving any stagnant energy or blocks within.Inspired usage: Sacred Smudge Spray or Sprinkle or in alignment with a New Moon/Waxing Moon Ceremony.  We will include a more in-depth ceremony card that is intuitively inspired in alignment with you.
  • Return and Shipping Info

    As these are uniquely crafted there is no return/refund policy. Please read the details for the content of each herbs to identify if there is any sensitivity or anything that may cause an allergic reaction. Please only purchase once everything is clear.

    This specific Support Kit will ship within 1-3 Business Days.

    Shipping rate is based on total weight of the order:
    Within USA - $7.00 to $18.
    If the shipping cost is $7 and up, it will most likely ship through USPS Priority Mail.

    International Orders - price is according to USPS International rate of the total weight.

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