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Amethyst Cluster 1lb 4oz

Amethyst Cluster 1lb 4oz

This self standing display cut piece weighs in at 1lb 4oz!  

The energy is tranquil and gifts in the all ways amethyst does...

My suggest is to always connect to the Crystal you’re working with to understand how it’s showing up to work with you and the vibrational medicine it has to offer.  If you’re unsure how or want some support/space held around this I do offer sessions around this.

Some Metaphysical Highlights of Amethyst:

Known for bringing calm and clarity.
It is “the” sobriety stone
Works with the mental body/the mind to clear patterns, addiction, & chaos.

For me: It has shown up in sessions and for my self in the following ways:

-To help work through and lift depression
-To support the Crown chakra
-To hold space for spiritual wisdom/guidance/clarity during deep healing/(re)alignment sessions and meditation
-To support people working through the energetics of addiction patterning.
-To offer protection by way of the stories in our mind and self sabotaging tendencies.
-To help support a room or space to hold tranquil, calm, serene energy.

These are just a few of the qualities, gifts and vibration medicine amethyst offers.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences with this gem.

Please note shipping is not included in the listed price.  Local pick/delivery is available.  All purchases are final.  If there are any issues please reach out to to report/discuss.

All herbal, Vibrational, Energy tools/work/medicine are not a substitute for medications, or professional medical attention via your doctor.  All information, tools, & sessions are offered from an educational perspective and to support your personal/spiritual development and well being.  Please note that by reading, purchasing, or partaking in any of the offerings we have you understand that you are taking accountability and responsibility for your health, development and overall well being.
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