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"B" A Sacred Smudge

"B" A Sacred Smudge


This smudge was crafted to align with the energtics and vibration frequency of:


"-Let there Be light!"

"-Let it Be."

"-Be You."

"-Just Be."


The letter B is said to be the first letter. When you allow yourself to align with just Be-ing the vibration shatters through stressors, fears, doubts, judgements and lower vibratory thought forms.  Creating space and opportunity to breathe and be.


It is balancing, stabalizing, calming/soothing, & vibrational attuned to the Endocrine System of the body.


Please note that this smudge is a multi-layered energy tool designed to meet you where you are.  If you have questions please reach out we are here to help.




Ingredients:  Mountain spring water, organic witch hazel, & organic alcohol.  Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Sage, Spearmint, Chamomile, Geranium, & Nutmeg.  Vibrational Essence of Serpentine Rock.


Shake Well

Spray Liberally



-And So It Is-


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