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Resolutus  A Sacred Smudge




Resolute to YOU!


This smudge was crafted to hold the energtics and vibration frequency to support

-The loosening/releasing of that which no longer serves your greatest good, karmic contracting of a subconscious or "out-dated" nature.

-Aligns with the birth right of being PAID IN FULL

-Highly protective and cleansing

-Clears lower vibratory energies and attachments

-Supports steping into the role of "creatrix/creator" of your life.


Please note that this smudge is a multi-layered energy tool designed to meet you where you are.  If you have questions please reach out we are here to help.


Ingredients:  Mountain spring water, organic witch hazel, & organic alcohol.  Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Frankinsence, Myrrh, Lavender, & Peppermint.  Vibrational Essence of ArchAngel Trinity.


Shake Well

Spray Liberally



-And So It Is-




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